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Bulgaria – Toll transition to EETS

Yann Gauthier 23/10/2018

In October 2017, Kapsch TrafficCom was awarded the contract to implement a nationwide tolling system in Bulgaria for trucks over 3.5 tons, including technical configuration and provision of technical support.

In January 2018, Kapsch Traffic Solutions consortiums and the Roads Infrastructure Agency signed the official agreement for the implementation.

This project consists of a delivery and setup of 500 terminals for registering and issuing electronic vignettes, 100 enforcement vehicles, 100 weigh-in-motion facilities, and 100 tolling gantries as well as a data center and a back office.

The new HGV toll scheme in Bulgaria will be launched by following 2 steps parliament decided after the second reading amendments of the Road Act:

  • Electronic vignettes come into force on the 1st of January 2019

  • GNSS toll system from the 16th of August 2019.

The 31st of January 2019, all types of paper vignette for all categories of road vehicles should be converted into an electronic vignette.

Owners or users of a vehicle who have purchased a paper vignette whose validity expires after 1 January 2019 shall declare its conversion into an electronic vignette from 15 December 2018 to 31 January 2019 in order to keep the right to use the paid road network until the initial validity period of the paper vignette sticker expires.

Until 15 August 2019, heavy goods vehicles, buses and other road vehicles over 3,5 tons will pay a vignette fee on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.

From the 16th of August, Toll payment will be open payment through an OBU. Since the beginning, Bulgaria decided to follow the same scheme than Hu-Go system in Hungary meaning a market open to several device suppliers.

VIALTIS, as a Toll specialist, will keep you updated about the Bulgarian developments.

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