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Czech Republic: Road to EETS

Yann Gauthier 26/11/2018

The consortium of CzechToll from PPF group and SkyToll confirmed they have signed an agreement with the Ministry of transport to build Satellite-based tolling system for a 10-year operational contract.

This new system is expected to be launched for the 1st of January 2020.

The toll system will use hybrid OBU integrating GNSS and DSRC technology fully prepared for the interoperability not only with the countries adjacent to the Czech Republic but also for meeting EETS requirements.

What will be the role of CzechToll and Skytoll in this Consortium?

CzechToll will be responsible for the operation of the system within the consortium.

SkyToll will be the guarantor of the construction and technical aspects of the operation of the toll system

What will happen to the current toll infrastructure?

It is forecasted to use the existing gates for other telematics systems such as traffic control, dynamic weighing, road safety, and so on.

What about the existing OBU?

An OBU change should be operated by end-user as existing OBU solution will not be compatible.

VIALTIS, as a Toll specialist, will keep you updated about the set up expected in the Czech Republic.


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