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Dear international transport company: how do you manage your trailer fleet?

Morten Allerelli 06/11/2018

In an international transport company with a large trailer fleet, it can be a challenge to be on top of things: lost paper forms, registration of damages several times and hours spent searching for the origin of the damage.

Transport company business man coffee disaster

If this sounds familiar, you just might be ready for a damage-report-makeover.

Yes – it is a fact that some procedures, which are necessary, are improved by changing a few simple steps.

In case of the trailer damage report, the obvious way is to make it digital. Why? You might ask yourself. Well, for a start you will not have the physical paper to be lost, soaked in coffee or otherwise useless.
Just imagine…
What if the driver were able to fill out the trailer report on his phone – and that, that report is available at the office as soon as the driver has finished it?
What if a damage is reported – and you got an alert about that specific damage on that specific trailer as soon as it has been detected?

My answer would be:

  • Less hassle for the driver
  • Easy management and registration of all the reports
  • Placing the responsibility for a damage correct the first time, resulting in correct invoicing and no extra work on making credit notes and new invoices.
  • No more hours spent searching for the origin of a damage.
  • Room at your previous storage place for paper forms

Therefore – if you are still reading, I highly recommend that you consider digitalizing your trailer reports.

Trailer Mate can help you with that.

And what to do now? You might just save enough time to play football with your kids.

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