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Europe opens the door to the ferry route Gijon-Nantes

Carmen Tamarit 06/11/2018

What is happening in the sea motorways today?

EU passed the project of the Shipping Company Balearia, with the support of Gijon Port, El Mussel, to have one of his five vessels for the route between France and Spain. The company will get funds to convert his ships to natural gas.

After a break of 4 years, the EU has confirmed the project presented by the Spanish Shipping Company Balearia and the ports of El Mussel, Nantes and Valencia, and the Gas Company Gas Natural Fenosa, to promote the use of natural gas in the maritime transport instead as non-pollutant fuel.

The Shipping Company will get a fund of 12 million euros to change the engines of 5 ships. The engines will be altered to use natural gas instead of the current fuel.

This project has been presented in the EU. The shipping company compromises to assign one of the ships to the sea route between Gijon and Nantes if approved.

The president of the Spanish ports announced an agreement between Balearia and the local authorities in Asturias.

This agreement complements the funds received by the administration.


What did it happen with the Ferry route Gijon-Nantes?

The Sea Motorway from Gijon and Nantes was the first one in the Atlantic sea. It closed in 2014 after 4 years of use.

LD Lines closed it after all European funds from the Marco Polo program finished.

Actually, the only possibility to go from Spain to France (v.v) is by road with the corresponding toll expenses and fuel. This situation will change after the new French sea motorway opens in the near future.

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