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First mobility package: agreement with EU Transport Ministers Council

Pierre Gauthier 10/12/2018

After 14 hours of discussions on December 3rd which were initiated 18 months ago, a political agreement has been found during the European Transport Ministers Council on the mobility package.

This agreement covers several sensitive social and market issues relating to the first mobility package.

The negotiations about posted drivers have been concluded by an agreement on the application of posting rights for the transport sector in all Europe, when at the moment it is only applied in the transport sector through national initiatives in few countries such as France, Germany, Italy, and Austria.

The only exemption to this posting right application is limited to bilateral operations, consisting of a round trip between one and another member state.

This political agreement also covers the weekly rest which will be prohibited in the truck cabin.

The drivers will also benefit from more rights such as the one to return regularly in their country of origin, maximum every 3 to 4 weeks, with the flexibility for maintaining companies competitiveness to reduce two consecutive weekly, rests periods.

The agreement will reinforce the frame of cabotage by introducing a waiting time of 5 days between 2 periods of cabotage.

This agreement will reinforce also the means of control with the acceleration of the introduction of smart tachograph from 2022 in all new vehicles, and up to 2024 in all vehicles over 3.5 tons (when the date previously discussed was 2034).

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