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Minimum wages

French Minimum Wage Rate 2020

On January 1st 2020, the gross Minimum Wage (SMIC) will increase +1.20%. This means that the hourly rate will change from 10,03€ to 10,15€.

The increasing is based on a 0.70% pass-through of inflation and half the increase in workers and employees’ wages, or 0.50%, for a total of + 1.20%. This increase has not to be considered as a boost from the government, but an automatic revaluation. This revaluation is therefore just above inflation, at an annual rate, of + 1% (published by INSEE for the month of November 2019).

In the context of international transport, starting from January 1st 2020, for all new posting certificates, the minimum rate to be applied must not be lower than the minimum hourly rate in force on that date. According to the qualification of the seconded driver, for the coefficients for which the hourly rate is already higher than the minimum rate (coef. 138M is already 10,15€ and coef. 150M is 10,39€) , the rate in use will continue to apply.

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