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International transport with hazardous / dangerous goods. What do you need to know when booking a ferry with this cargo?

Carmen Tamarit 26/09/2018

What are Dangerous or Hazardous goods?          

ADR goods are solid, liquid or gases that can harm people or other living organism or the environment.

They are subject to exhaustive regulations in order to categorize and restrict the use or international transport by road, rail, and sea, following a guide of the UN Model Regulation.

UN Model classifies these materials into nine different classes, each of one are divided into further subdivisions. All dangerous goods are identified by a UN number and a Proper Shipping Name.

Source: ChemSafetyPro

What do you need to know when you have to book a ferry/train while carrying ADR cargo?

When pre-booking, it is necessary to have all the information with the truck details as route and date among the document called Multimodal Dangerous Goods Form. All this information must be sent prior to the shipment and carried by the driver when going on board.

The Multimodal Dangerous Goods Form includes the following details:

1. UN number/s
2. Proper shipping names
3. IMDG class/ subdivision
4. Packaging group (when applicable)
5. Flashpoint (when applicable)
6. Marine pollutant (when applicable)
7. Packaging type
8. Number of packages, weight/volume
9. If cargo has limited quantity must be clearly detailed on the document.
10. Shipper´s declaration and packing certificate declaring full compliance with IMDG regulation.

International truck in a Ferry cargo

Once arriving at the port, the driver must communicate the freight desk with the related ADR documents, and trailers must be labeled with ADR stickers on each side of the trailer.  If the documents are not correct or not signed, the vehicle will not be able to ship.


What ADR goods are prohibited on a ship or a train?

1. Acetylene and toxic gases
2. Liquid Petroleum Gas, Liquid Natural Gas, Compressed gas or any flammable gas.
3. Fireworks
4. Explosives

If you need more information regarding ADR in your ferry or train bookings, please contact your local Ferry Agent in VIALTIS.


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