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At your side helping you to follow the complicated European minimum wages laws.

Since the launch of VIALTIS Minimum Wages in 2016, the biggest challenge we have seen for our customers concerning posting declarations, is the time consuming challenge our customers have when posting many drivers.With VIALTIS new minimum wages all inclusive option, we offer to post your declarations on your behalf.

Simply by sharing your information with us on our minimum wages portal myVialtis.com you are enrolled as a minimum wages customer, we can do the job for you for the following countries: France, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Austria.

Your benefits:

  • Easier administration
  • Possibility to ask for declarations online 24/7
  • Declaration answer posted within a few hours (maximum 72 hours)
  • Overview and access to all declarations on myVialtis.com at all times
  • Customer friendly interface with available information of drivers

   What do you need to know to follow each country law?

  • It is mandatory to nominate a local agent in some countries to liaise with the competent authorities in cases of controls (check the map)
  • You will need to provide your agent all the necessary documentation translated into the local languages in some cases (the contract of employment, payslips, timesheets, documents that demonstrate the payment of remuneration…).
  • You will have to make an advance declaration setting out specific information about the posted workers before the displacement date.



What are VIALTIS obligations as representative?

  • VIALTIS will be the intermediary with the labor inspectorate, Police departments, tax and customs departments and provide them the requested documents.
  • VIALTIS will file the documents and will keep them at the above mentioned authorities disposal.
  • VIALTIS will store the documents from the date the worker is posted and for the period of time the authorities require.

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The term ‘minimum wage’ refers to the various legal restrictions governing the lowest rate payable by employers to workers, regulated by formal laws or statutes.