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One expert partner in all Europe, Road tolls.

Driving through Europe, you must pay road tolls, tunnels and bridges.
With the service from VIALTIS, you do not have to consider which means of payment you need – VIALTIS manages everything with the different operators: order, invoices, replacement, online transactions, etc.

How to pay your tolls in:

France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Austria, Poland, Belgium, luxemburg, Netherlands, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Denmark

Sweden, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Norway.

road tolls


Your benefits

  • Improved cash flow
  • Maximum discount and rebates
  • One single point of contact
  • Transparent and easy overview of your total toll and road tax in Europe

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Time-based road tolling for trucks is to be phased out in Europe by 2024, the European Commission has proposed. T&E welcomed the switch to a distanced-based system which, by charging per kilometer, encourages drivers to take the most efficient route and discourages empty trips while reducing congestion and pollution.

Tolls will also take into account the carbon emissions of trucks, the Commission said in its Clean, competitive and connected mobility package, while zero-emission vehicles will be given a 75% toll discount. CO2 emissions will be measured in a new CO2 test for trucks, the recently adopted VECTO protocol. The package also proposes that EU countries start monitoring truck CO2 emissions under a new Monitoring, Reporting and Verification regulation.

Already 15 EU countries have tolling systems in place where trucks pay per kilometer driven; the Commission wants to expand this to more EU countries by phasing out time-based vignette systems by 2024. T&E said that any country that wants to introduce road charging for cars should have to follow these new smarter toll rules.Trucks represent less than 5% of all vehicles on the road in Europe but are responsible for around 30% of road transport CO2 emissions. road tolls