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VIALTIS Toll solution in southern Europe telepass eu

VIALTIS is proud to announce the launch of the TELEPASS EU.
The device will cover France, Spain, Italy, Portugal and the Liefkenshoek tunnel and will cover more than 21.000 km of tolls with just one device.
VIALTI´S telepass eu facilitates your daily business through
– One device
– One contract
– One single contact
– and maximum discounts/rebates by extending the interoperability of its toll offer in southern Europe.

telepass eu


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Through a single Telepass device you can pay motorway tolls in 7 different countries: Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium (Liefkenshoek Tunnel),Poland (Krakow-Katowize segment of route A4) and Austria.

In both France and Italy your Telepass EU device allows you to automatically pay your parking in designated facilities: the fare will be directly charged on your Telepass account with no extra fee.

Automatically purchase your ticket for the ferry service across the Strait of Messina, without stopping at the ticket office and without getting off your vehicle, by simply using Telepass dedicated lanes.

Your freedom of movement goes beyond borders: live all the advantages and the comfort of the services dedicated to truck in 7 different European countries: Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, Poland and Austria.


good news for European travelers. With the new European toll pass system, it will be finally possible to drive between Italy, France, Spain and Portugal using the same device to pay the tolls in these four countries. The Telepass EU is a universal solution for many toll systems. A special feature of the Telepass EU is that it can be used in Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Austria, on the A4 in Poland (section between Katowice and Krakow) and for the Liefkenshoektunnel in Belgium. This gives you another option of using just one On-Board Unit in several toll systems. Using the Telepass EU you can settle tolls and fees for your vehicles.