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The impact of current costs for international transport companies

Tolls and tunnels

The impact of current costs for international transport companies

Yann Gauthier 18/09/2018

The managers of transport companies know it better than anyone, long-distance road haulage has a significant cost.

Vehicle cost includes fuel, tires, maintenance and repairs, highway tolls or road taxes, equipment and insurance.

The cost of tolls on a kilometer basis increased by + 37.7% since 2007.

Indeed Toll costs related to the total km traveled increased from 0.061 €/km in 2007 to 0.084€/km in 2017 for an HGV over 40T traveling more than 100 000 km a year.

Consequently, Toll cost must be considered as a cost taking more and more space in this environment.

In addition to this, we are seeing the launch of new networks and also new models of regulation replacing vignette with the consequence to increase Toll or Road tax prices.

VIALTIS covers more than 19 countries in terms of Tolls and Road taxes.

For this purpose, VIALTIS could support you to optimize your Toll cost with one of our Toll solutions.

Indeed, our Toll allows you enjoying maximum discount and rebates on your toll consumption.


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