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The simplest and most effective way to document trailer damages and reports.



To be able to use Trailer Mate, you must contact your VIALTIS office first and get a subscription.

Trailer Mate can be accessed though the internet and through an app on iOS and Android phones and tablets. The app is not accessible on Windows phones and tablets.


  • Pick up the trailer
  • Enter information for the trailer
  • If necessary, take pictures and add a comment
  • When delivered information from pick up is visible
  • Add any changes – date/time and GPS position is logged
  • The report is sent to the server
  • The report can also be sent as PDF to the haulier
  • Set up, edit and delete trailers in your web interface
  • You can add hauliers who can/are allowed to drive with the trailers
  • Get an overview of received tralier reports
  • Set up alarms for deviations on the trailer reports
  • Enter filters for report
  • Find any report